Our Story

Embrace your individuality. Embrace your heritage. Embrace your Morphalogica.

Women know that confidence is the secret to beauty. Beauty is a reflection of the confidence we have inside. It affects the way we wear our smile, dress, and move through the world. Morphalogica is here to help every woman’s inner beauty to shine outwardly.

Each product was designed by me, a Latina minority immigrant, and cultivated from my heritage. Morphalogica products include South American ingredients that have been passed down from generation to generation for centuries because of their health and wellness benefits. My ancestors embraced natural ingredients for their healing, strengthening, and beautification power, I want to bring that to women around the world.

Our products work together to strengthen and enhance your hair and skin health. We use cutting-edge science supported by world-renowned chemists, who understand botanical extracts and natural ingredients, ensuring that our products work with the power of nature. Morphalogica is guided by a carefully selected scientific advisory board comprised of women and minorities.

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Morphalogica is a certified B Corporation. We have pledged to make only cruelty-free products and have received the Rainforest Alliance certification for our sustainable sourcing practices.

Mother Nature Did it First.

Growing up in Colombia, we were exposed to nature and only consumed the fresher ingredients. My husband jokes that my mom says there is a juice, fruit, root or herb that can heal anything. Naturally, Morphalogica was created with this premise in mind.

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As a woman, a minority, and a Latina, I wanted to work with other women and minorities who were like-minded people. I hand-selected such a team who I knew would understand me, my heritage and my plight. We all work well together, with a good understanding of who we are and where we have come from. And of course, we understand the special women to which our products are aimed.